That Dang Helmet Law

Now here’s another example of good intentions being used as paving material to Hell.  The Motorcycle Helmet Act or as I would like to call it, That Dang Helmet Law.

Having a Helmet Law was well and good.  It was all about the safety and welfare of the bike-riding public after all.  I take issue however on the following points:

  1. First, the DTI and BPS should not have been given the sole task of testing the helmets as such a task should have been a joint effort of the DTI, BPS, DOTC, and LTO as implementation will ultimately rest with the latter two.
  2. I had always thought that issues of safety in transportation fell under the jurisdiction of LTO.  If so, why was DTI given the sole responsibility and power to issue guidelines with regards to specifications and standards of the motorcycle helmets? Continue reading