Sotto Is Anti-RH Champion

Our democracy is grounded upon the assumption that its citizens have the freedom of choice and that each choice is well-informed. It is not surprising then to find that fallacious arguments are almost always subjected to ridicule in democracies more matured than ours. The illustrious Senator Tito Sotto III is the bastion of fallacy in our country. It is only fitting that we hand him his fair share of ridicule.

How can people who choose to wear blinders survive in this world? How can you not see he’s positioning himself?

Sex (Pepsi Paloma) , drugs (Alfredo Tiongco) and now religion. This guy likes the really hard stuff.

Why should we be surprised by this man who was charged of rape by Pepsi Paloma? The shadow of this man’s dark past is cast long and eerie and the scandal involving Sotto and suspected drug lord Alfredo Tiongco.

I do not exactly know what and how the Senator is going to gain from going against RH Bill except a good standing from the Religious groups that has large control over the voting population. Of course, he is banking on the Catholic, El Shaddai, and many other factions of Born Again Christians support just in case he will run for any position.

Sotto is just another guy for sale like so many of today’s politicians- ready to take on any buyer, this time its the bishops and the fundamentalist Christians touting the highest bids so he is mouthing their piece. Next year or two we’ll see another disguise, hear another pitch from him, and so it goes.