Grab Your Pitchforks And Torches!

Wha ?!

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao loss to Timothy Bradley via split decision?

Grab your pitchforks and torches everyone because something smells rancid in Las Vegas, and an investigation needs to be formally introduced to the process !

A six-foot hole has been not-so-subtly dug and a coffin is quickly being lowered into the ground with the sport of boxing inside of it.

Pay your last respects, because the spectacle many of us knew and loved has died.


Knocking Out The Murals

The Murals painted in the Cubao-Aurora underpass along EDSA use a special paint called Boysen Knoxout that actually absorbs smog from cars. Neal Cruz, a veteran columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, recently wrote an article bashing the murals asserting the murals “contribute to the uglification of Metro Manila”.

I can now see bloggers and FB fanatics, like me, giving the murals free online publicity. A big plus for MMDA and Boysen !

Z Writes The Hunters

Part children’s book and part graphic novel, The Hunters was written by 4 year old Zayden “Z” Ramos, who just turned 5 recently,  and beautifully illustrated by award winning comic book illustrator and Alexandra Trese creator Kajo Baldisimo who brought The Hunters to life with primary colors and vivid action scenes. Kajo himself started drawing early—at age 14 he was already working on Filipino komiks.

Usually kids his age are just starting to read. Z is a voracious reader.  When he was a baby his parents read to him every day—they would point out the words on the page so he could match the sound to the letters. At age three he started reading phonetically. It was a quick transition from alphabet books and almanacs to superhero graphic novels.

He has a fantastic memory—as in, he can tell you which stock photo has appeared in which other books.  He also knows three languages. Well, Chinese is admittedly still a challenge but he’ll most probably sail through it because he wants to be a polyglot and is currently very keen on learning French. Z doesn’t watch TV so he has plenty of time for reading.

The Hunters is an illustrated story about a group of young experts who build their own high-powered weapons to defend the earth against alien aggressors.  It’s an international team, with members from different parts of the world.

It would have been a real treat if it was also drawn or illustrated by a kid or at least a teen. That would have been such an impressive creative team! Kid geniuses of our generation!

Lessons Learned


The conviction of Former Chief Justice Renato Coronado Corona.
1. The conviction of Corona raised the bar standard of public officials.
2. The conviction of Corona served a lesson to everyone, especially the people in the public office.
3. The conviction of Corona taught us that “Even the highest officials of the land should comply with our constitutional duties as public officers.”
4. The conviction of Corona has given teeth to the SALN as a means to check the corrupt government officials and employee. .
5. The SALN now become our sword against the corrupt government officials, and employee.
6. We have to abide by the law. And no one is above the law.
7. Brenda remains to be a shrilling banshee yet a force to reckon with.


Convict 20, Acquit 3, Abstain 0

Twenty Senator-Judges voted guilty, more than enough from the required number for the Senate sitting as an Impeachement Court to remove Chief Justice Renato Corona from his post for failing to disclose all his assets in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SALN).

An overwhelming majority of senator-judges, including the presiding officer, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, delivered the guilty verdict that automatically stripped Corona of his position as chief magistrate.

The prosecution panel, however, cannot lay claim to have convincingly won its case as it was Corona’s testimony that led most of the senator-judges to rule in favor of conviction and not the pieces of evidence presented by the prosecution panel that is led by allies of President Aquino in the House of Representatives.

Even senator-judges whose “votes” were to convict Corona strongly chastised the nature of evidence they presented before the impeachment tribunal as well as the manner of laying down their basis for their charges in the verified impeachment complaint.

Senators Joker Arroyo, Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. stood firm on handing down their vote for acquittal.

No less than the presiding officer himself made mention his disgust over the prosecution panel’s repeated “unethical and unprofessional conduct, the penchant to engage in trial by publicity, to use the media to disseminate and advance so-called nformation or evidence, to provoke and disrespect the Court and its members and to irresponsibly hurl disparaging insinuations and accusations.”

This was an impeachment trial were the voting for a verdict was made mostly not from the presented evidences and known legalities but more from the moral obligations required to keep the position of the highest magistrate in court. As one Senator said, his vote was from his conscience!

The Day Corona Testified….Not!

The “incident” at the Senate Impeachment court where the Chief Justice Renato Corona surprised everyone by his declaration of a waiver allowing most government agencies to access his bank accounts… only to give a pathetic condition later on that all 188 congressmen, who signed his Impeachment complaint, plus a special mentioned Senator Franklin Drilon, would also sign similar waivers, then CJ hurriedly walks out of the courtroom before he could be cross-examined…… was like similar to having sex with your wife at a point where both of you are almost reaching climax, at the peak of intimacy……then all of a sudden your child walks into your room and sees the two of you while in coitous.

When the CJ returned to the courtroom (he probably couldn’t leave because the Senate President and presiding impeachment court senator judge Juan Ponce Enrile ordered all Senate doors and gates locked), he was in a wheelchair….like a limp penis several minutes after pleasing himself.

I believe he’s far more relieved, while most of us at the courtroom had been abruptly stopped from ejaculating!

Kudos to CJs “scriptwriter”, or the men and women behind the grand mischievous scheme no “tele-serye” writer could have ever thought of.

The Philippine local cinema and TV stations could use their impressive talent.

Anti-Christ Gaga

A religious group called Biblemode Youth Philippines is leading a campaign to have Lady Gaga’s concerts banned in the Philippines. It said it will start a prayer vigil on Saturday until Lady Gaga arrives in Manila for her two-night concert on May 21 and 22 at the SM Arena.

They are calling Lady Gaga the “anti-Christ,” the group criticized Gaga for her skimpy costumes and provocative songs, such as “Judas,” which the group said is a direct insult to Jesus Christ.

“The way she uses imagery and lyrics is directly against the teachings of the Lord, ” says Pastor Reyzel Cayanan of Biblemode Youth.

Renen de Guia of Ovation Productions Inc., the promoter of Lady Gaga’s concerts in Manila, quickly dismissed the group’s claim that the artist is the anti-Christ.

“There is no truth that Lady Gaga is anti-Christ. Artists constantly reinvent themselves and want to be controversial,”says de Guia.

People would do anything for fame and popularity….plus the fortune as a bonus.

Livin La Brenda Loca

I make it a point to regularly remind myself that my school education was just a starting point in my career. The reality is that its value diminishes over the years. Many of the things I’ve learned in school do not even exist anymore. Most of what I know and apply today consists of what I’ve read and learned on my own. Life indeed is one grand classroom and one simply should never stop the quest for knowledge and experience.

Learning should also include the growth and evolution of attitude and behavior. We should learn to adapt with the fast-paced developing norm of our society and our ever-changing lifestyles and the many individuals shifting personas.

Impressive credentials should however keep our feet on the ground when our head is up on the clouds. Humility should still be the dominant factor which should be clearly differentiated with aggressive confidence. Respect for one another whether your equal or not.

How many brilliant people, with fancy degrees and titles after their names, have we met with no heart, no conscience, and no moral values?

There lies the tragedy – all shrewdness and foxiness but without the sine qua non virtues that make us truly and completely human like Godliness, kindness, charity, and love.” But education will mean nothing if it is directed at the mind alone. The heart has to be involved as well.

Sine qua non refers to an indispensable and essential action, condition, or ingredient.

It seems MDS, or “Brenda” to others, is mentally and morally unbalanced to ever see others equal to her intellectual stature.

Who in her right mind would scream at the top of her lungs and continuously babble about appropriate and legal means and procedures and without giving the individuals she berates a chance to explain themselves- and then cry for respect?

Only Brenda.

Evil Diablo III

Diablo III, a PC role-playing game (RPG) which was just released worldwide 15 was ordered to be pulled off shelves and prohibited retailers from selling them after the Supreme Court (SC) granted the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) a temporary restraining order (TRO). The church group found the game to be “too “evil” and “anti-Christian”.
Jobert Jeyes, a CBCP “Gaming Priest”, advised players from the Philippines to refrain from playing the game which he deemed as the work of the devil. “The title alone says it all.” says Jeyes

He also suggested players to bring their copies of the game to the nearest church in their vicinity for it to be burned by a CBCP representative. Players who would bring their game for burning also has the option to repent and confess their sin for playing such game, “before it’s too late,” added the gaming priest.

CBCP suggested other non-demonic games such as Tetris, Fight Night (featuring Manny Pacquiao), or even The Sims; where players are allowed to procreate with their partner as much as they want without the option of contraception. “One of my favorites,” quipped Fr. Jeyes.

All I can say is it’s obvious that he doesn’t understand the game. Kinda like how the CBCP does not want to understand the RH Bill.

Why are they so damn serious. Its just a game!

….and why do many people believed this news….it’s just satirical mock news!

Fooled ya!

Anonymously Yours

A proliferation of anonymous sources has invaded the Senate Impeachment Court.

From a small lady giving documents to Oriental Mindoro Representative Reynaldo Umali, then from a messenger who left it hanging on the front gate of Quezon City Representative Bolet Banal, now from another mysterious source who left it at the premises of Harvey Keh’s Kaya Natin Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership organization office.

Miriam Defensor Santiago should really ask the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) to do a manhunt and shoot-on-sight operation against this “Mister Anonymous” for spreading fraudulent documents.

Santiago has also said that Keh should not be a complainant or witness at all, since he has neither saw, heard or even smelt the atrocities of the Chief Justice. According to her, a qualified complainant or witness should have used any of the five senses in order to justify being on the witness stand.  Thus that is why they are most of the time called “eye”witness – for “seeing” a crime took place.

Well, excuse me Miss Senator-judge! If I have possible damaging evidence on hand then you are discouraging me to come forward because not only do I need to prove my credibility, I should oblige myself to authenticate the documents, and should also prepare myself to be humiliated on National TV.