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Another Dead Bedan Due To Hazing

We strongly condemn the senseless violence that transpires in hazing that caused the untimely death of Marc Andrei Marcos, a freshman law student of San Beda College.

While there has been several deaths problem, no one has been jailed. Our judicial system is weak and has many loopholes. If you have money, you do not go to jail. This must change now.

What fraternities do is a forced bonding. These young men are supposed to feel close to each other after undergoing the same horrible experience. But what’s more important in fostering ties are shared values and ideas. The pain of the paddle is temporary; ideals and ideas are lasting.

Can’t our fraternities think of more humane and brotherly ways to instill “brotherhood” within their organization?

Sadly, fraternities promote the ‘old boys club’ mentality. Just because he is one of their own, members are obligated to protect, go easy or give concessions regardless of whether the act committed is right or wrong.

It’s the pain that binds so they say. But it could go so far to turn into a pain that kills, as what happened so many times. It’s brutal and barbaric and archaic. A macabre way of forging brotherhood.



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