Mitos Walang Saysay

Mitos Magsaysay tweeted the statement: “Heaven must be crying, we should undo what has been done” after torrential rains and heavy floods hit Metro Manila and surrounding provinces. She was most probably referring to the RH Bill.

In all fairness to her, she didn’t hashtag NotoRHBill in that tweet. Question is, what was really at the back of her head when she posted that? It may have been blown out of proportions given that she’s a know advocate of the Anti-RH campaign, and because her tweet was thrown in among all those nonsense “Biblical-kuno” blabber. Heaven would know if she’s telling the truth in this statement of clarification. Just saying. Oh, and don’t bash me. I’m not trying to defend her. I’m Pro-RH Bill and I’m trying to be objective.

Problem with Mitos is that she is arrogant enough to think that people dont see through her hypocrisy and that they will swallow the cheeky lies she habitually spouts.


Grand Fans Day?

Sad to say, whether they admit it or not, but the activity was seemingly like half-political campaigning and publicity. DSWD, WFP, cabinet secretaries, LGU officials, etc. were there because PNoy was there. It was planned and was never impromptu.Almost everyone out there had an official photographer with them to cover the event. This was their opportunity for media exposure.

How I long for a government who acts responsibly and “logically” in their actions and endeavors and don’t give lame excuses when questioned.

PNoy should have just kept his mouth shut if he couldn’t give a reasonable explanation why their relief operations turned out more like a “grand fans day”.

Another Dead Bedan Due To Hazing

We strongly condemn the senseless violence that transpires in hazing that caused the untimely death of Marc Andrei Marcos, a freshman law student of San Beda College.

While there has been several deaths problem, no one has been jailed. Our judicial system is weak and has many loopholes. If you have money, you do not go to jail. This must change now.

What fraternities do is a forced bonding. These young men are supposed to feel close to each other after undergoing the same horrible experience. But what’s more important in fostering ties are shared values and ideas. The pain of the paddle is temporary; ideals and ideas are lasting.

Can’t our fraternities think of more humane and brotherly ways to instill “brotherhood” within their organization?

Sadly, fraternities promote the ‘old boys club’ mentality. Just because he is one of their own, members are obligated to protect, go easy or give concessions regardless of whether the act committed is right or wrong.

It’s the pain that binds so they say. But it could go so far to turn into a pain that kills, as what happened so many times. It’s brutal and barbaric and archaic. A macabre way of forging brotherhood.


Sotto Is Anti-RH Champion

Our democracy is grounded upon the assumption that its citizens have the freedom of choice and that each choice is well-informed. It is not surprising then to find that fallacious arguments are almost always subjected to ridicule in democracies more matured than ours. The illustrious Senator Tito Sotto III is the bastion of fallacy in our country. It is only fitting that we hand him his fair share of ridicule.

How can people who choose to wear blinders survive in this world? How can you not see he’s positioning himself?

Sex (Pepsi Paloma) , drugs (Alfredo Tiongco) and now religion. This guy likes the really hard stuff.

Why should we be surprised by this man who was charged of rape by Pepsi Paloma? The shadow of this man’s dark past is cast long and eerie and the scandal involving Sotto and suspected drug lord Alfredo Tiongco.

I do not exactly know what and how the Senator is going to gain from going against RH Bill except a good standing from the Religious groups that has large control over the voting population. Of course, he is banking on the Catholic, El Shaddai, and many other factions of Born Again Christians support just in case he will run for any position.

Sotto is just another guy for sale like so many of today’s politicians- ready to take on any buyer, this time its the bishops and the fundamentalist Christians touting the highest bids so he is mouthing their piece. Next year or two we’ll see another disguise, hear another pitch from him, and so it goes.

That Dang Helmet Law

Now here’s another example of good intentions being used as paving material to Hell.  The Motorcycle Helmet Act or as I would like to call it, That Dang Helmet Law.

Having a Helmet Law was well and good.  It was all about the safety and welfare of the bike-riding public after all.  I take issue however on the following points:

  1. First, the DTI and BPS should not have been given the sole task of testing the helmets as such a task should have been a joint effort of the DTI, BPS, DOTC, and LTO as implementation will ultimately rest with the latter two.
  2. I had always thought that issues of safety in transportation fell under the jurisdiction of LTO.  If so, why was DTI given the sole responsibility and power to issue guidelines with regards to specifications and standards of the motorcycle helmets? Continue reading