Grab Your Pitchforks And Torches!

Wha ?!

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao loss to Timothy Bradley via split decision?

Grab your pitchforks and torches everyone because something smells rancid in Las Vegas, and an investigation needs to be formally introduced to the process !

A six-foot hole has been not-so-subtly dug and a coffin is quickly being lowered into the ground with the sport of boxing inside of it.

Pay your last respects, because the spectacle many of us knew and loved has died.


Knocking Out The Murals

The Murals painted in the Cubao-Aurora underpass along EDSA use a special paint called Boysen Knoxout that actually absorbs smog from cars. Neal Cruz, a veteran columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, recently wrote an article bashing the murals asserting the murals “contribute to the uglification of Metro Manila”.

I can now see bloggers and FB fanatics, like me, giving the murals free online publicity. A big plus for MMDA and Boysen !

Z Writes The Hunters

Part children’s book and part graphic novel, The Hunters was written by 4 year old Zayden “Z” Ramos, who just turned 5 recently,  and beautifully illustrated by award winning comic book illustrator and Alexandra Trese creator Kajo Baldisimo who brought The Hunters to life with primary colors and vivid action scenes. Kajo himself started drawing early—at age 14 he was already working on Filipino komiks.

Usually kids his age are just starting to read. Z is a voracious reader.  When he was a baby his parents read to him every day—they would point out the words on the page so he could match the sound to the letters. At age three he started reading phonetically. It was a quick transition from alphabet books and almanacs to superhero graphic novels.

He has a fantastic memory—as in, he can tell you which stock photo has appeared in which other books.  He also knows three languages. Well, Chinese is admittedly still a challenge but he’ll most probably sail through it because he wants to be a polyglot and is currently very keen on learning French. Z doesn’t watch TV so he has plenty of time for reading.

The Hunters is an illustrated story about a group of young experts who build their own high-powered weapons to defend the earth against alien aggressors.  It’s an international team, with members from different parts of the world.

It would have been a real treat if it was also drawn or illustrated by a kid or at least a teen. That would have been such an impressive creative team! Kid geniuses of our generation!