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Livin La Brenda Loca

I make it a point to regularly remind myself that my school education was just a starting point in my career. The reality is that its value diminishes over the years. Many of the things I’ve learned in school do not even exist anymore. Most of what I know and apply today consists of what I’ve read and learned on my own. Life indeed is one grand classroom and one simply should never stop the quest for knowledge and experience.

Learning should also include the growth and evolution of attitude and behavior. We should learn to adapt with the fast-paced developing norm of our society and our ever-changing lifestyles and the many individuals shifting personas.

Impressive credentials should however keep our feet on the ground when our head is up on the clouds. Humility should still be the dominant factor which should be clearly differentiated with aggressive confidence. Respect for one another whether your equal or not.

How many brilliant people, with fancy degrees and titles after their names, have we met with no heart, no conscience, and no moral values?

There lies the tragedy – all shrewdness and foxiness but without the sine qua non virtues that make us truly and completely human like Godliness, kindness, charity, and love.” But education will mean nothing if it is directed at the mind alone. The heart has to be involved as well.

Sine qua non refers to an indispensable and essential action, condition, or ingredient.

It seems MDS, or “Brenda” to others, is mentally and morally unbalanced to ever see others equal to her intellectual stature.

Who in her right mind would scream at the top of her lungs and continuously babble about appropriate and legal means and procedures and without giving the individuals she berates a chance to explain themselves- and then cry for respect?

Only Brenda.


About Ross Del Rosario

I specialized in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). I'm also a public servant, a social media evangelist, and an entrepreneur. My personality is a mix of all genres, with a penchant for the absurd and graphically pleasing. I'm the IT professional who’s more into substance and creativity rather than structure and complexity, the gamer who takes a long time to finish a game because I often lose track of time admiring the eye-candy, and the sci-fi fanatic who who often ponders on the opportunity to experiment on people like lab animals minus the gross stuff like dissecting frogs (this last one is a joke).

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