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Last Girl Standing

The past few seasons of American Idol show the girl contenders get plucked out one by one while the guys stay strong in the competition. Some say this is the “tween girl effect” named after the perceived demographic of most American Idol viewers and voters – leading to the ultimate win of the “good-looking non-threatening cute guy” for four straight seasons since season 7.

Like most TV voting, American Idol does not apply a one number, one vote policy. A phone line can vote repeatedly for a contestant for the entire two-hour voting duration, and many people believe that the girl fans are more likely to power-vote non-stop.

Some found it unbelievable that the Mexican- Filipino Jessica Sanchez with the steel pipes who’s just been called a legend by guest mentor Akon was almost sent packing if not for Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler who used their only “save” power for the season on her.

Jessica Sanchez had the lowest number of votes that week. Pinoys from the social networks to the pantries and elevators of corporate offices ask why America snubbed Jessica when she’s been given lavish praise by the judges week in, week out.

Well, the 3-way battle will not be easy for Jessica. She faces tough competition with tween girls’ heartthrob Phillip Phillips and judge favorite Joshua Ledet.  Let us hope, that there is still a chance that the next American Idol could be that last girl standing that’s being cheered on by a distant country that watches her religiously, albeit on a different time zone.


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