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Eat Your Words, CJ

I want to get back at the Chief Justice Renato Corona for his statements against the Ombudsman who revealed to the  public another epic atrocity.

“A whopping 82 dollar accounts in 5 banks would only mean a “bloated” and “debunkable” Chief Justice.

It’s not a complex “mathematical equation” and doesn’t need a genius to figure out that Renato Corona has undoubtedly made a “laughing stock” out of the sacred image of the Supreme Court out from this latest revelation.

Based upon the “damning evidence”, we can’t help but think that a “malicious” and “hodgepodge” group, alongside the Corona family and his cohorts, must also be behind this. After all, no one man in his right mind would be diligent enough to create several accounts and just move his money in and out of the same accounts without messing up his beautiful mind.

Unfortunately, the people behind this chaotic “lantern of lies” are obviously dishonorable personalities similar to the head of the Supreme Court.

If any of them are working for the government, they should resign for “purposely misleading” the public for several years.

We salute the Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and thank the Aquino government for making us “privy” to these hoax.”


About Ross Del Rosario

I specialized in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). I'm also a public servant, a social media evangelist, and an entrepreneur. My personality is a mix of all genres, with a penchant for the absurd and graphically pleasing. I'm the IT professional who’s more into substance and creativity rather than structure and complexity, the gamer who takes a long time to finish a game because I often lose track of time admiring the eye-candy, and the sci-fi fanatic who who often ponders on the opportunity to experiment on people like lab animals minus the gross stuff like dissecting frogs (this last one is a joke).

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