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Hacked PH Websites

Philippine websites are continuously being hacked by what seems to be Chinese supporters where they defaced the front page of the website with red and black cover with the Chinese flag and scripts.

The front page was defaced with an English sentence saying “The People’s Republic of China long live“.

The Colegio San Agustin (CSA) ( and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) ( were the latest Philippine websites that were hacked as of this blogging.

Other websites that were hacked include:

I have a hunch more Philippine websites will follow, and our own Pinoy hackers would try to even the score by defacing Chinese websites too.

As one of the Tulfo brothers have said “Hindi pa tapos…antabayanan mo lang ang lintik na ganti ng….Idasal mo iho de P.I. ka, tumirik ka ng kandila mula ngayon, wag na wag magkrus ang landas natin P.I. ka !……

Bibili na kami ng matibay na firewall at Unified Threat Management solutions mula ngayon…


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