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Amazonian Devils

There is a high demand for a brawl between Davao Mayor Sara Duterte and GMA Kapuso star Claudine Barretto.

It seems both ladies can beat up a guy with their bare knuckles. But my vote is still for Duterte since she beat up Sheriff Abe Andres on her own while Barretto had help from her hubbie Raymart Santiago, along with their “friend in pink”.

Tough guy broadcast journalist Mon Tulfo was no match against the Barretto-Santiago couple, and their friends.

Tulfo was beaten to a pulp, and ended up with a black eye and a bruised ego.

Kanino na ngayon siya magsusumbong? To his three other siblings, Ben, Raffy and Erwin?

What I’ve learned from the two brawls are the following:

1. It’s painfully annoying to see men in pink fighting each other.

2. It’s humiliating to see a woman in blue beat the crap out of a man.


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